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Iraq set to take over oil port

Kuwait News Agency
Iraq is making security preparations for the handing over of security responsibilities for Khur Al-Amia oil port from multinational forces in southern Basra to Iraqi forces.
Iraqi Minister of Defense Abdel-Qader Jassem presided over a relevant meeting earlier on Monday, the Ministry of Defense said in a release on Tuesday January 28.

During the meeting, arrangements for Iraq's takeover of the deep oil port and future sea protection of the port were discussed, it said.

A memorandum of understanding had earlier been signed between Iraq and the US, allowing Iraqi maritime forces to hand control of the Khur Al-Amia oil port from the 
Multinational Force (MNF) in Iraq early 2009.
Iraqi ground forces had taken security control in Basra Province from British forces, who pulled back to their base at Basra airport, but US forces continued security for city ports.

Iraq set to take over oil port -  Source

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